[Local Biz Spotlight] Gui Lin Noodle

To serve people, you have to put in a full effort.” That has been the philosophy of Gui Lin Noodle’s owner – Mr. Shen, “That’s why we re-opened when it was safe. Some die-hard supporters showed up, told us to keep it up, to Add Oil.” says Mr. Shen his recipes are always a favourite.

“It is about the Gui Lin rice noodle which is one of the most popular go-to street foods in China. “I thought we could replicate some of that success here because Calgary is a great place full of international cuisine.” It has been 10 years since they opened.

But now they are experiencing the most difficult time since then, the once always-full-house lunch times are gone. “We can get through this, I know this and I am committed. I will continue to bring that homey taste of Gui Lin rice noodle to serve everyone. If you haven’t tried it, I welcome you to.”

Address: 303 Centre St S #113

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